Watch Powerwolf make history for their first-ever augmented reality metal festival performance

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Watch Powerwolf make history for their first-ever augmented reality metal festival performance

Powerwolf have made history as the first-ever band to use augmented reality during their performance at a live music festival.

The German power metal band teamed up with ARTE Concert and the 0221 Mediaagentur to use video game technology to create a monstrous wolf above the stage in real-time during their set at this year’s edition of Summer Breeze festival on August 18 in Bavaria, Germany.

Both attendees and viewers of the festival’s livestream were able to see the giant wolf climbing and looking menacing above the stage which was created with augmented reality. It appeared in four of the band’s 17-song set, during ‘Incense & Iron’, ‘Amen & Attack’, ‘Beast Of Gévaudan’ and ‘Resurrection By Erection’.

Along with the wolf, the band also had the biggest pyro show of the entire festival as well as a mass of actors on stage and a massive fireworks display. Their dedication to their craft is why they currently reign as Germany’s most actively successful artist right now.

In other metal news, Doja Cat the German metal band Chaver have near identical artwork for their respective forthcoming new albums – both of which are out on the same day.

Doja Cat took to social media on Tuesday (August 29) to reveal ‘Scarlet’, the long-awaited follow-up to her 2021 record ‘Planet Her’, which will arrive on September 22.

She shared the album artwork in a since-deleted social media post, which featured a purple-pink arachnid with a drop of blood above it. It was soon revealed that Chaver’s new album artwork for their record ‘Of Gloom’ – revealed on July 29 and also due for release on September 22 – is almost exactly the same, except for the shape of the blood droplet and the positioning of the spider’s legs.

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