Stephen Graham’s time-travel detective series recieves rave reviews

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New Netflix sci-fi cop drama Bodies has proven to be a hit with critics, with many hailing it as one of the best projects of Stephen Graham’s career.

Based on Si Spencer’s graphic novel of the same name, Bodies follows four detectives from four different time periods who discover the same mysterious body in the exact same spot.

All eight episodes are now available to stream on Netflix, and if the reviews are anything to go by, viewers will be left “wanting more and more”.

In a four-star review, The Guardian wrote: “The modern-day stuff is thrilling and tense; in the past, it is cartoonish and cod-historical. But as the first episode came to an explosive end, I immediately started the next. And the next, and the next, and the next.”

“For the most part, Bodies is beautifully told,” said Radio Times. “Yes, there are twists and turns that will keep you gripped, but the real test of the show is the capability of its leading cast (tick) and whether it gives us some heart to ground the, let’s face it, absolutely mad story (tick). All in all, Bodies is well worth the watch. Just make sure you’re braced for the ride.”

The Hollywood Reporter was also full of praise for the series, writing: “Even though parts of the show sound silly if you describe them to people, nobody in the cast is performing like they’re in a silly show.

“That’s how Bodies ends up working as well as it does. Maybe it isn’t quite ambitious enough to become a story that lingers on an emotional level, but it does general justice to the wildness of its premise and generates investment for the humans caught in the middle of it.”

Directed by Paul Tomalin, the series also stars Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Shira Haas, Amaka Okafor, and Kyle Soller.

The official Netflix synopsis of the show reads: “When a body – the same body – is found on Longharvest Lane in London’s East End in 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053, one detective from each period must investigate.

“As connections are drawn across the decades, the detectives soon discover their investigations are linked, and an enigmatic political leader – Elias Mannix (Stephen Graham) – becomes increasingly central. Did he have a part to play in the murder? Or is something far more sinister at play?

“To solve the mystery, our four detectives must somehow collaborate and uncover a conspiracy spanning over 150 years.”

Bodies is now steaming on Netflix.

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