‘Starfield’ developer will “talk” about ‘Indiana Jones’ game in 2024

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'Starfield' developer will "talk" about 'Indiana Jones' game in 2024

Todd Howard, Bethesda‘s director of Starfield, has shed a little light on when fans will learn more about its upcoming Indiana Jones game.

Under MachineGames, the untitled Indiana Jones game was revealed in 2021 with a short teaser trailer, showing off iconic props and a ticket to Rome dated October 21, 1937.

This potentially places the game after the events of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. However, in an interview with Esquire, it was clear that Howard wanted to share more about the upcoming game even if his employer has barred him from doing so.

“I am a giant Indiana Jones fan. It can be brought to video games in a unique way,” he hinted. “The game is obviously: you’re exploring stuff. It’s about him. So if you’re playing the game, how do you feel that you are indeed playing versus just watching?”

The untitled ‘Indiana Jones’ game Credit: Bethesda

Howard concluded what little he could say about the Indiana Jones game with an assurance that specifics will be shared “next year”.

Now that Starfield is playable on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Bethesda will focus on support for the sci-fi role-playing game before centring all of its efforts on The Elder Scrolls 6.

As it is MachineGames who is working on the Indiana Jones game with Bethesda’s oversight, we would imagine that an update on the project’s progress is on its way.

The team, which is over 100 developers strong, is making the third Wolfenstein game at the same time as the Indiana Jones game. With any luck, the last two years will have allowed MachineGames ample time to produce a slice of footage for either or both titles for fans to sink their teeth into.

In other gaming news, reports alleged that the Nintendo Switch 2 was shown off at Gamescom, boasting “visuals comparable to Sony‘s and Microsoft’s current-gen consoles”.

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