Roblox Corporation issues ultimatum to employees working from home

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'Roblox' on a personal computer Credit: Oberon Copeland via Unsplash

Roblox Corporation has told most of its remote employees to work three days in the office a week, and if they aren’t able to do so, they will be offered a severance package.

CEO David Baszucki broke the news in an open letter to Roblox Corporation employees, adding that this was not a decision that was taken “lightly”.

He explained that it is in the interest of efficiency to return to the office in this capacity and that things like group reviews are “much less exhausting” when they are held in person.

‘Roblox’ on a personal computer Credit: Oberon Copeland via Unsplash

“While I’m confident we will get to a point where virtual workspaces are as engaging, collaborative, and productive as physical spaces, we aren’t there yet,” he continued.

Not everyone will be requested to make the move – “teams and roles that are required to be remote” and “individuals who have niche skill sets or significant institutional knowledge” will not be subjected to this mandate.

Those that are affected have been offered three months to decide what they are able to do. If they choose to relocate in order to work in the San Mateo offices, Roblox Corporation will financially support them in some shape or form.

If they choose the severance package, they will have three months to transition out of their roles ending on April 15, 2024.

A person using a laptop while sitting on a sofa Credit: Sam Lion via Pexels

The severance package is determined by “individual level and term of service, along with six months of healthcare coverage for everyone on their policies.

In other gaming news, Motive Studio shared that it has again using a Community Council to steer the development of its new Iron Man game.

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