‘Peep Show’ reunion could happen when Mark and Jeremy turn 70

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‘Peep Show’ reunion could happen when Mark and Jeremy turn 70

Robert Webb has said Peep Show could return when the characters are “old men” in their seventies.

The actor, who played Jeremy in the Channel 4 sitcom, reaffirmed the idea in an interview with NME to mark the show’s 20th anniversary.

“We’ve always said that it would be funny to go back and see them as old men,” Webb said. “Living in the same flat and having the same arguments… I think probably this side of, shall we say, 70?”

His co-star David Mitchell, however, believes any future reunion should be a “totally separate thing”.

“It’s nice that people still give a shit… I don’t want to tack anything onto the end of it,” Mitchell said. “It would have to be a totally separate thing. I wouldn’t want it to drag the original thing down.”

The show’s co-creator Jesse Armstrong expressed interest in returning to the characters, adding: “I’d be interested to know what Mark and Jeremy were up to now..”

Mitchell and Webb previously detailed the idea of returning to the characters in “their older age” in an interview with LadBible in 2021. “The way we have it in mind – though the need to work may intervene, who knows, we may be pitching it in six months time – was not to do it when they were middle-aged but when they were old,” Mitchell said.

“So literally at least 20 years after the show finished, not seven.”

Peep Show, co-created by Armstrong and Sam Bain, ran for nine seasons between 2003 and 2015. The series followed the lives of Mark Corrigan (Mitchell) and Jeremy ‘Jez’ Usbourne (Webb) in their Croydon flat.

Last year, a fifth attempt at a US remake was reported to be in the works from Atlanta writer Stefani Robinson, which would follow the first-person narrative format with two female leads.

In the same interview with NME, co-creator Bain revealed that he rejected plans to turn Peep Show into a stage play.

“There was an offer to do a live Peep Show, a stage show, after the last series, which we did carefully consider because it was coming from some proper people,” Bain said. “But we just, we just couldn’t get our heads around how it would be Peep Show on stage. And I think with that sort of thing, we’d want to be careful.”

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