‘Payday 3’ shares year-long DLC roadmap as open beta kicks off

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'Payday 3' shares year-long DLC roadmap as open beta kicks off

A Payday 3 roadmap has been revealed by developer Starbreeze Entertainment, outlining the first year of downloadable content (DLC) that will come to the heist shooter after its launch.

The roadmap was shared yesterday (September 7), detailing four major DLC launches and further “additional content” to arrive by autumn 2024.

The first DLC on the way, Syntax Error, will launch toward the end of 2023. The second, Boys In Blue, will arrive in spring 2024, while follow-up The Land Of The Free is scheduled for summer. Fear And Green, the last DLC listed on the roadmap, will wrap up the game’s first year in autumn 2024.

While “all names and dates are subject to change,” Starbreeze has noted that next year will also include more “seasonal events, playable characters, skill lines, new enemy, weapons, Unreal 5 update, cosmetics, new features, quality of life [updates] and much more”.

Starbreeze’s roadmap has arrived just weeks ahead of the full game’s launch. Payday 3 is set to release on September 21 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

However, an open beta for Payday 3 has kicked off today (September 8) and will be available to play until September 11. The beta has been described as a “server stress test” to ensure Payday has “as few issues as possible ahead of [its] very imminent launch”.

‘Payday 3’ Credit: Starbreeze Studios

Furthermore, Starbreeze has actively called for players to try and break the game’s servers.

“We’d appreciate it if you’d help us put pressure on our servers by logging on and matchmaking all at once on Saturday, 9th Sept 1 AM CEST (Friday 4 PM PT) as well as Sunday, 10th Sept 6 PM CEST (9 AM PT) until something breaks,” wrote Starbreeze. “This is the one time we ask you to help destroy our stuff, so please, take the opportunity!”

You don’t need to own Payday 3 to take part in the beta, as it can be downloaded via the game’s storefront page.

In other news, original Payday creator Ulf Andersson recently told NME that Payday 3 may look too similar to previous games.

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