‘Overwatch 2’ gives Moira a Lilith skin in ‘Diablo 4’ crossover

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'Overwatch 2' gives Moira a Lilith skin in 'Diablo 4' crossover

Overwatch 2‘s Moira will receive a Diablo 4 Lilith skin in the game’s annual Halloween event, which will kick off next week.

Rise Of Darkness will commence on October 10, at the same time as Season 7 of Overwatch 2. As well as a new Moira skin, it appeared that Wrecking Ball is getting a new Diablo 4 themed skin, featuring horns and red, black and gold decorations. Check out the reveal trailer below:

This is not the first time that Diablo themed skins have been designed for Overwatch characters. In 2017, Zarya and Roadhog players were able to secure Barbarian and Butcher skins in loot boxes to celebrate the arrival of the Blizzard World map.

Usually, Overwatch 2 adds a mode like Junkenstein’s Revenge or Wrath Of The Bride for players to earn Halloween themed in-game items. This time, there was no information about the return of either of these modes or the introduction of a new one.

Ghostly robots were seen in the halls of the Blizzard World map in the trailer, similar to the Zomnic enemies in the aforementioned modes. If this is a new arrival, players will expect transformed versions of four heroes to play as the protagonists of the story.

For example, in Wrath Of The Bride, Junker Queen starred as The Butcher, Ashe as The Outlaw, Sojourn as The Sleuth and Kiriko as The Fortune Teller.

‘Overwatch 2’ Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As Wrecking Ball was rolling through the themed Blizzard World in the Rise Of Darkness trailer, it’s a fair assumption that Wrecking Ball will be one of these four protagonists, or one of the bosses that players will fight.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call Of Duty: Warzone will welcome Inarius and Lilith as Operators in their own bundles on October 15. This is part of a larger Halloween event where players will battle in returning Operation Nightmare, Vondead, Zombie Royale and Lockdown modes.

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