Miley Cyrus was “thinking of Adele” when writing ‘Used To Be Young’

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Miley Cyrus was "thinking of Adele" when writing 'Used To Be Young'

Miley Cyrus said she was “thinking of Adele” when writing her new comeback single ‘Used To Be Young’.

The track was announced earlier this week as being “dedicated to my loyal fans,” and it arrived with its own video on Friday. It is the first material from the pop star since her eighth and most recent album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, which was released in March.

Discussing the new track in a statement, Cyrus said: “These lyrics were written almost 2 years ago at the beginning of my ESV. It was at a time I felt misunderstood. I have spent the last 18 months painting a sonic picture of my perspective to share with you.”

After footage was shared of Adele telling the crowd at her Las Vegas residency that she was “obsessed with Miley Cyrus’s new song,” Cyrus then shared the footage on X/Twitter and told the star: “I thought of you often while writing this song – always hoped that you would love it.

“This means the world to me. I love you. Mission accomplished.”

Back in May, Cyrus confirmed that she would be taking a hiatus from touring and explained her reasons for doing so. “It isn’t what’s best for me right NOW,” she wrote in a note to her fans.

This week, the singer also discussed her 2013 public argument with Sinéad O’Connor to mark her song ‘Wrecking Ball’ turning 10.

Upon the song’s release a decade ago, O’Connor wrote an open letter to Cyrus after the pop-star cited the late Irish singer as an inspiration for her explicit video for ‘Wrecking Ball’.

In the letter, O’Connor warned Cyrus not to let the music industry make a “prostitute” out of her, with Cyrus then responding by posting photos of O’Connor in a fragile mental state and comparing her to the actress Amanda Bynes, who was hospitalised after a mental breakdown that same year.

On her new special Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions), Cyrus said: “I had no idea about the fragile mental state that she was in, and I was also only 20 years old, so I could really only wrap my head around mental illness so much. All that I saw was that another woman had told me that this idea was not my idea.”

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