‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ and Adidas reveal pricey Symbiote sneakers

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'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' and Adidas reveal pricey Symbiote sneakers

Adidas has released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 shoes that mix both Peter Parker’s suit and the Symbiote infection in their design, priced at $219.99.

“A thrilling and fashionable footwear choice for fans of the iconic Marvel superhero. These sneakers feature eye-catching designs that pay homage to the web-slinging hero, often incorporating Spidey’s signature red and blue colour scheme and iconic spider symbol,” read the description of the shoes that are now currently sold out.

It does not mention the creeping Symbiote strings on the soles of the shoes stretching up into the rest of the design, which is evidently one of the unique selling points.

The hype for players to fight Venom and step into the Symbiote suit in the sequel is getting higher and higher as the game’s launch date approaches.

However, developer Insomniac Games said that the design of the villain was something that was a significant challenge for the art team to surmount.

“One of the first things I figured out very quickly is [Venom] shouldn’t be dripping,” said senior art director Jacinda Chew in an interview with NME.

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

“If he’s constantly dripping it starts to look comical, so that’s not scary at all. Then if you look at the tendrils, sometimes if you [make them] too thin, it does start getting into body horror and it looks a little too scary.”

On the other hand, the Symbiote suit should still look and feel parasitic to players, though Chew kept her cards close to her chest on how the suit will change Peter Parker’s personality.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 comes to PS5 on October 20.

In other gaming news, The Pokémon Company has responded to the fact that scalpers are reselling the free Van Gogh ‘Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat’ collaboration card for extremely high prices on second-hand sites.

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