Kylie Minogue says ageism will become “uncool” in the future

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Kylie Minogue says ageism will become "uncool" in the future

Kylie Minogue has hit out at ageism and insisted she will continue to wear whatever she wants.

The singer who is now 55 and recently released her new album ‘Tension’, said that despite her age, she isn’t prepared to tone down her image.

She told The Sun On Sunday: “It’s not about being sexy, it’s about being yourself. I’m not going down to Tesco’s in thigh boots and a catsuit, but in Popland that is me. I don’t even call it sexy as even that feels passe.”

Minogue continued: “I am happy there is a strength in inhabiting your own playfulness, your own confidence and empowerment.

Kylie Minogue attends as The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and Kylie Minogue announce ‘Voltaire’ coming to the iconic resort this fall 2023 at Bar Lis on July 27, 2023 in California. CREDIT: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

“It is an acceptance and kind of daring to feel confident with yourself and be at ease. I am really comfortable with what I am doing.”

She went on to say ageism will become irrelevant in the future.

The singer added: “Soon ageism will be so uncool you just won’t do it. Just let that person live and breathe in their space.”

She continued: “If people are talking about ageism in music, it is talking about it in relation to ‘we shouldn’t be talking about it’. It is almost irrelevant.

“I think younger generations are so open-minded they are not bothered about it.”

Her recent album was awarded four stars by NME and described as “up there with her best”.

It added: “Ultimately, ‘Tension’ plays like a fun, flirty night out with an old friend who isn’t the kind to burden you with her problems. Whether you’ve known Minogue for a lifetime – or just since ‘Padam Padam’ –  you’ll want to lace up your dancing shoes and join the party.”

The singer is set for her first-ever Las Vegas residency at the Venetian hotel’s new 1000-capacity, cabaret-style nightclub, Voltaire, starting November 4. You can purchase any remaining tickets here.

The residency will last for three months and will see Minogue perform tracks from ‘Tension’, alongside greatest hits including ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’, ‘Spinning Around’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’.

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