Krystal Jung says she “didn’t expect” ‘4 Walls’ to be f(x)’s last album

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Krystal Jung says she "didn't expect" '4 Walls' to be f(x)'s last album

Korean-American singer Krystal Jung has opened up about her K-pop girl group f(x) and the possibility of a reunion.

Krystal Jung started out her career as a member of K-pop girl group, which were active from 2009 to 2016. Since then, the act have been on hiatus, save for a brief reunion in 2019 at the SM Town Live concert in Tokyo.

The singer has since opened up about the girl group and the possibility of a reunion, in an interview with Money Today. She revealed that she and her follow f(x) members have a “group chat” together, where they “talk about our current whereabouts with each other”.

“Everyone is living life busily. When I see other groups’ reunions, I feel choked up,” Krystal Jung said. “To be honest, we didn’t expect our last album to be our last. I think I’ll be really happy if we get a chance to reunite again.”

Aside from her music with f(x), the singer also spoke about a possible solo career, saying that “the situation was never possible” because of her busy schedule and “having a suitable song”.

“If the opportunity comes, I’d like to stand on stage again. I can’t forget the flutters and thrill of standing on stage, sharing the energy with the audience. I want to experience it again,” Krystal Jung added.

Since f(x)’s hiatus, Jung has largely focused on her acting career, appearing in K-dramas such as Crazy Love and Police University. Her most recent work is Cobweb, directed by Dr. Brain‘s Kim Jee-woon.

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