ILLENIUM Announces Upcoming “Starfall” Graphic Novel with Z2 Comics

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ILLENIUM Announces Upcoming "Starfall" Graphic Novel with Z2 Comics

ILLENIUM is no stranger to dropping exciting, unique content for his fans. That being said, this time around feels extra special as the decorated producer, in partnership with Z2, is gearing up to release his own neon-soaked graphic novel. The project, titled Starfall, is slated for release on November 21 in standard, deluxe, and super deluxe editions. As far as the story line goes, the novel takes place in a brutal dystopian world where Nick (aka Illenium) is addicted to a powerful Substance, following orders blindly until a mysterious woman named Ash introduces him to a mythological path of harmony involving phoenixes and fire. To escape this chaos, Nick must confront his addictions and uncover ILLENIUM’s secrets. On this captivating new sci-fi project, ILLENIUM joins forces with writers Frank Marraffino and artists Pablo Andrés and Luis Expósito Hernández. Emilio Adrias provides the cover art. You can preorder the novel using the link below if you’re interested in owning this incredibly unique book.


ILLENIUM Announces Upcoming “Starfall” Graphic Novel with Z2 Comics

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