Garbage’s Shirley Manson on why bands shouldn’t worry about placing on festival line-ups over time

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Garbage's Shirley Manson on why bands shouldn't worry about placing on festival line-ups over time

Garbage‘s frontwoman Shirley Manson has explained why bands shouldn’t worry about placing on festival line-ups over time.

Manson recently shared a photo on social media of 1998’s Reading Festival lineup, in which Garbage were headlining on the same day that New Order were performing. She explained how daunting it was to see that her band was playing above some of their idols.

The singer reflected on the events of the day 25 years ago in the photo’s caption, which read: “25 years ago. I spent the entire day feeling mortified that we were headlining above New Order. It was the same summer that we landed higher on bills above Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Patti Smith. Every time we wanted to grovel with embarrassment at the feet of our heroes.”

She continued: “But we were young and inexperienced. We had not yet learned that the music business does not treat its veterans with gentle hands. In due time, enjoying the great privilege of getting to stick around, we found ourselves in similar positions on festival bills as weathered by our heroes before us. We came to learn it is the natural order of things.”

“Bill positions have little bearing on anything other than the simple continuum of life,” she explained. “We are grateful to still be here. Playing and surfing and soaring through time whilst being healed by the people. You the people – we thank you for allowing us a seat at the table for over 25 years. We are forever in your debt.”

Bikini Kill‘s Kathleen Hannah took to the comments to agree with Manson sharing: “Could not have said it better! Thank you for this!” American music Producer Money Mark – known for his collaborations with the Beastie Boys – added: “I see our names on these posters. So thankful for the chance to give what we made to the fans. That feeling——there is nothing like it. And music?—— it is everything.”

In other news, Garbage and Wet Leg will serve as opening support for the Foo Fighters’ live show in Brazil. The show will take place at the Estádio Couto Pereira stadium in Curitiba, Paraná on September 7, two days before their previously confirmed gig in São Paulo (September 9). Visit here for any last minute tickets.

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