‘Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis’ reveals detail about Sephiroth’s origin

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Sephiroth in 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake'

Sephiroth’s origin story has been built upon in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, signifying that there may be repercussions in the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 follow.

The latest update to the mobile game Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis introduced new story content to The First Soldier set of missions. In it, Sephiroth showed a photo of his mother and referred to her as Jenova.

However, the photo is of the scientist Lucrecia Crescent. While working for Shinra, she and professor Hojo entered a relationship and she became pregnant. Lucrecia and Hojo injected Jenova’s cells into the developing baby who then became Sephiroth.

Fans have queried what the addition of the photo and Sephiroth’s incorrect comment might mean for the overarching storyline of the new game. During her pregnancy, Lucrecia suffered debilitating visions of the torment that Sephiroth would eventually enact on the innocents of Midgar, and never got to hold her son when he was born.

Lucrecia then fled and placed herself in a prison of crystallised Materia. The Ever Crisis photo however proves that Sephiroth did know who his birth mother was but that he’d been lied to about her identity by Hojo.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s producer Yoshinori Kitase previously said that the second and third titles in the rebooted trilogy would not be totally faithful to the original story.

‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Credit: Square Enix

For example, Zack Fair will receive a whole episode of content in the game whereas the original only featured Zack in flashbacks, since he’d died in an effort to save Cloud.

Ultimately it’s unclear whether or not the new story information in Ever Crisis is canonical to Final Fantasy 7 and so fans will only be able to speculate at this point in time.

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