‘Final Fantasy 14’ debuts Viper, its newest “highly stylish” class

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'Final Fantasy 14' debuts Viper, its newest "highly stylish" class

Final Fantasy 14 has showed off the newest class to be added to the game, the Viper, as part of its anticipated Dawntrail expansion that will arrive in 2024.

At Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest 2023, producer and director Naoki Yoshida walked out onto the stage dressed up as a Viper, with the outfit mixing brown leather overcoat and boots, a beige tunic and plates on the shoulders and knees.

The hybrid style seemed to suggest that the class will be agile yet able to hold their own on the frontline.

‘Final Fantasy 14’ Credit: Square Enix

Localisation supervisor Michael-Christopher Koji Fox described the Viper as a “technically demanding but highly stylish melee job” which swaps between dual swords and combining them into a single sword for maximum damage.

There was also a “sneak peek” of the class in action in the tropical region of Tural, exhibiting how its mechanics are different to the dual-wielding Ninja.

Final Fantasy 14 players will be able to pick up the Viper class at level 80 and it will be found in the in-game city of Ul’dah, Thanalan.

As the fifth expansion for Final Fantasy 14, Dawntrail will be adding another class which is confirmed to be a ranged magical DPS class. In Tural, the story will shift to the discovery of a city of gold, however there is a secondary thread in the line of succession for the Mamool Ja.

‘Final Fantasy 14’ Credit: Square Enix

The new allied tribe is the Pelupelu who are famous for their masks and their produce of tea, coffee and mezcal. All of these additions are alongside things like new dungeons, enemies, equipment, raids, recipes, treasure hunts and more.

In other gaming news, Yoshida shared that he’s still waiting for a crossover with Diablo – “if we could just make it work then I would be so happy to see some sort of collaboration”.

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