Chaeyoung talks about when Jeon Somi didn’t make it into TWICE

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Chaeyoung talks about when Jeon Somi didn't make it into TWICE

TWICE member Chaeyoung has revealed how she felt when Jeon Somi didn’t make it into the girl group.

In 2015, both Chaeyoung and Jeon Somi were contestants on the reality TV show Sixteen, where sixteen JYP Entertainment trainess competed for spots in the then-upcoming girl group TWICE.

The two K-pop idols had made it to the final episode of the series, but only Chaeyoung would go on to debut in TWICE. Jeon Somi, who finished the series in tenth place, would later leave JYP Entertainment in 2018, before making her solo debut under YG Entertainment-owned subsidiary The Black Label in 2019.

Chaeyoung and Jeon Somi have since address that moment in a new episode of the online game show Yes or Hot, hosted by the latter. The series features celebrities asking each other questions, and those who fail to answer “yes” have to eat a spicy food.

During a new episode of the show, Somi asked Chaeyoung: “You were relieved when I didn’t get into TWICE, right?” It was followed by a long silence from the TWICE member, before she takes a bite of the food.

“I was so sad,” said Chaeyoung. “We were stuck together. I was so sad I couldn’t be in a team with you. And after that, when you left JYP [Entertainment], I was so upset. But a side of me wanted things to work out [for you].”

Elsewhere during the episode, Chaeyoung also revealed that she once ran away from JYP Entertainment when she was a trainee. “I just felt so empty and out of it, so I went out in secret,” she said. “I think I just wanted to escape the building.”

In other TWICE news, the girl group have added four new shows to their ongoing ‘Ready To Be’ world tour. They include a return to Melbourne, following a sold-out show this May, as well as the first Latin America stops.

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