Blondshell has written her second album

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Blondshell has written her second album

Blondshell has revealed that she has already written her second album.

The singer-songwriter released her self-titled debut earlier this year and has now said in a new interview she is set to demo her next record.

She told The Forty-Five: “I’m going to demo [the second album] this week. It took a while between making and releasing the first album because I wanted to get all that stuff right. I can’t tell you much about it now other than on the first record, I wrote about a lot of different subjects through talking about dating and now I’m just trying to talk about those subjects directly.”

The LA-based artist also spoke about the struggles of writing when you’re in a happy relationship and how she talked about this with Samia.

She added: “When you’re someone who’s written about heartbreak so much, how do you continue to write songs when you’re in a stable relationship? She and I are both in relationships, but then I realised, well, [Wilco frontman] Jeff Tweedy has been married for so long. And they put out an album every year, so…”

Blondshell CREDIT Jonathan Weiner/NME

Reviewing her debut, NME awarded the album five stars and said her “raw rock anthems” were “amongst the year’s best.”

It added: “Urgent, funny and fearless, the LA artist’s debut album sees her imbue her rage with wit and fierce ambition.”

Earlier this year Blondshell featured on NME‘s The Cover where she spoke out about how ageism in the music industry made her feel “too old” to be a success.

“There’s that horrible thing where people say you have to be under a certain age to be a musician, and I felt that because it was explicitly said to me,” she said at the time. “The idea was always there through media and people talking about the music industry – there was always an emphasis on youth and this idea that you write your best songs before a certain age.”

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