Bethesda’s head of publishing retires after 24 years with the developer

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Bethesda's head of publishing retires after 24 years with the developer

Pete Hines, senior vice president and head of publishing at Bethesda Softworks, announced his retirement today (October 16).

Hines was hired in 1999 and originally he was in charge of writing manuals for Bethesda’s roster of titles, before becoming more and more instrumental to the marketing and public relations for launches.

“After 24 years, I have decided my time at Bethesda Softworks has come to an end. I am retiring and will begin an exciting new chapter of my life exploring interests and passions, donating my time where I can, and taking more time to enjoy life,” he said in a statement to X (fka Twitter).

‘Starfield’ Credit: Bethesda Softworks

“This was not a decision I came to easily or quickly, but after an amazing career, culminating in the incredible launch of Starfield, it feels like the time is right,” he continued.

He added that he will still be an active part of the global Bethesda fanbase, who he described as an “incredible community”.

Concluding, he said that he is intensely proud of those he worked with during his two decades at Bethesda Softworks, and that he will be waiting for whatever is next for the developer with “genuine excitement”.

Bethesda Softworks addressed Hines’ retirement in its own message: “Pete’s public presence was only a small part of his role at Bethesda, although the way he represented us carried over into the values he nurtured here: authenticity, integrity and passion.

Starfield Mantis quest puzzle
‘Starfield’ Credit: Bethesda Softworks

“His contributions have been integral in building Bethesda and its family of studios into the world-class organization that it is today. His vision helped push us forward, and his hard work inspired us.”

In other gaming news, Blizzard Entertainment silently deleted a trailer for Season Of Blood, the upcoming update to Diablo 4, after fans worked out that there were multiple mistakes in it.

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