Bella Ramsey says their neurodivergence “massively” influences their acting

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The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey has discussed how their neurodivergence has shaped their acting craft.

The actor found out they were neurodivergent while they were filming the smash-hit HBO show after “thinking for years” they were so. “o find that out whilst filming this show was super special,” they told Elle earlier this year.

In a new interview with The Times, Ramsey was asked if their neurodivergence influences their acting, to which they said “Massively.”

“I don’t know if I’d be an actor if it wasn’t for that. One of my things is I’m very perceptive, sometimes too perceptive. I get paralysed because I just see everything – it takes me four hours to get round Tesco’s.”

Ramsey received particular praise for their starring role as 14-year-old protagonist Ellie in the TV adaptation of the popular video game. They appear opposite Pedro Pascal’s Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting Ellie to safety amid a zombie apocalypse.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in ‘The Last Of Us’. CREDIT: HBO/Warner Media

In a four-star review of the show’s debut season, NME wrote: “When The Last Of Us was announced, a vocal corner of the internet exploded into anxious anticipation, some sniping that Ramsey didn’t look enough like Ellie. Gamers have been burned before by poorly conceived adaptations of their favourite titles, so they were naturally skeptical. But they needn’t have been. The Last Of Us lacks novel ideas, but when it’s this good it can get away with it.”

Last month, showrunner Craig Mazin assured fans that work on the second season of the show will begin “the second” the ongoing Hollywood strikes come to an end.

“Very proud of the WGA and its membership, and excited to get back to work on The Last of Us Season 2. The strike has not yet been officially lifted, but the second it is, we will spring into action!,” Mazin wrote on Threads.

Mazin’s comments on The Last Of Us season two’s production comes a month after he teased that his and The Last Of Us creator Neil Druckmann’s vision for the HBO series could see it last anywhere between three to five seasons, though he thinks “four seems like a good number”.


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