‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ adds new endings for Karlach

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Baldur's Gate 3. Credit: Larian Studios.

Larian Studios dropped Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 2 today (August 31), fulfilling the promise to players that the conclusion to Karlach’s story would be changed.

Spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3 will follow. In Act 3, it’s apparent that there is no peaceful ending for the Tiefling Barbarian, and this tragic realisation broke the hearts of many. The team reacted to the response of the fans and assured that the character will get an alternate ending that is “fiery” and “poignant”.

Larian Studios did not explicate what the “additional scene” that has been added in patch 2 contains, but it is related to when Karlach chooses to travel to Avernus.

Moreover, if Karlach is present in the player’s party when “the Blade of Avernus offers to go to the Hells with her, you can now decide whether to go with them, go alone with Karlach, or let them go by themselves”.

Baldur’s Gate 3. Credit: Larian Studios.

Patch 2 also addresses inconsistencies like typos in the game’s text and the game now lets players skip the level up animation when their characters progress and unlock new abilities.

There was a lot of focus on controller compatibility and controls in this update to Baldur’s Gate 3, like the radial menus, heads-up display (HUD), tooltips, general visual improvements to the controller user interface and clearer instructions on press-and-hold commands.

Another major addition is the Withers’ Wardrobe Of Wayward Friends feature, a new favour that character can complete alongside changing players’ classes and reviving dead companions.

“Withers has heard tales of Tavs, having requested the presence of their friends for an afternoon of adventuring, wanting to return to the lifestyle of a solo adventurer without their friends in tow,” explained the team.

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Credit: Larian Studios

“With this woodworked wonder, you can now dismiss co-op party members and bring your companions back into the fold. Withers’ solution only extends to custom Tavs, however – so no throwing Gale into a cupboard (although we’re sure it’s comfy in there),” said Larian Studios.

Elsewhere, the developer shared that one of the oncoming updates will let players change their custom character’s appearance.

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