‘Alan Wake 2’ director reveals free downloadable content

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Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake, the director of Alan Wake 2, has shared that the sequel will receive a “significant” amount of downloadable content (DLC) and that it will be free to all players.

Speaking at EGX in London over the weekend, Lake revealed that fans will learn more about what’s in store after Alan Wake 2 has been launched. Check it out below:

“We do have free DLCs drops coming, and they too are pretty significant,” he said. “I’m expecting us to be going more into detail pretty soon after the game is out, but all of that will be free for everyone who gets the game.”

The original Alan Wake got two “special feature” episodes that set up a possible sequel – although those ideas were eventually turned into Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break

Control‘s AWE DLC, on the other hand, confirmed with concrete evidence that the two games occurred in the same connected universe. In the DLC, Alan seemingly states that the Hiss was his fault as he tried to write a driving motivator for his “hero” Jesse.

Jesse then discovers that there will be an Altered World Event in Bright Falls – the fictional town where Alan Wake was set – in the future. As such, it’s possible that the sequel’s DLCs will relate to Control‘s characters and add even more content that connects the two.

Alan Wake 2. Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Alternatively, there could be cosmetic content in these DLC plans, like different outfits for Alan and Saga, the two playable protagonists.

Another plausible addition could be something like a new game mode to test players’ skills when fighting the onslaught of enemies from the Dark Place.

In any event, confirmation will come after the game has launched on October 27 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

In other gaming news, the developer of Inkbound has shared that all monetisation present in the game will be removed as a result of negative “industry and player sentiment” towards it.

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